Ryan Reynolds Is The Greatest Thing On Twitter And Here's The Proof If You Don't Believe Us

Ryan Reynolds has rightfully been celebrated for totally nailing Marvel's Deadpool on the big screen. One notable aspect of the Merc with the Mouth that he got right was the fast-paced quips and wit in the heat of battle.

But, the quips and quick fire wit don't end when Reynolds takes off the mask and latex suit, far from it. Because in real life, or in Twitter life at least, Reynolds has basically taken on the Deadpool persona, firing off hilarious tweet after hilarious tweet to show he's one of the funniest Hollywood celebs on there.

Whether he's talking about fatherhood in the darkest and most hilarious way possible, responding to lustful fans sending him NSFW tweets (see vid above), talking about joining the Hollywood Walk of Fame, dick pics, or just ruminating on life in Los Angeles, he's always bringing the humor.

If you head to his twitter feed pretty much every tweet's a winner. In fact, don't worry about heading over to his feed because we've collated some of his finest tweets below.

Let's take a look, shall we.

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