#Blizzard2016 Snow Fun: Guy Snowboards Around New York, Others Go 'Swimming' In The White Stuff

In case you hadn't heard about it all over the news recently winter Storm Jonas (#‎jonasblizzard‬) has coated the East Coast in snow, lots and lots of it, and while it may now be over the fun people have been having is not. From mass snowball fights to sledding, people have been having snow day good times.

It's not all been your typical snow-orientated activity though. Such is the epicness of this historic storm that Casey Neistat and his friend took to snowboarding and skiing around the streets of New York City.

With a 4x4 jeep to propel him Neistat heads off around the Big Apple, busting some moves the streets have unlikely ever seen before and getting whoops and cheers as he holds the stars and stripes while passing through Times Square. It's an ode both to the city and to the storm.

Right at the end he runs into some cops, but even they can't bring themselves to condemn the fun. Watch it all in the video above.

As well as that unconventional way to tour NYC, people from other parts of the East Coast have taken to the social media game of #SnowChallenge on Instagram. Which involves getting stripped down to swimwear or underwear then diving and "swimming" in the snow.

It started with Instagram user @courtney_marie_02 who posted a video of her decked out in swimwear diving into her backyard which was deep in snow.

"I challenge EVERY swimmer to go out and do this today, #snowchallenge." she wrote. The post went viral and people rose to the challenge because people are insane.

You can check out @courtney_marie_02's original post and her fellow crazies below.

I challenge EVERY swimmer to go out and do this today, #snowchallenge

Well... This happened ? #snowchallenge#blizzard2016#snowbal I nominate everyone!!! Hahaha. ▫️?▫️?▫️?▫️?▫️?▫️?▫️? Jukin Media Verified (Original) *For licensing/permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

snow challenge #snowchallenge

Started my day off right #snowchallenge #bellyflop @broncos @perfectvideos

#SNOWCHALLENGE #SNOW #CHALLENGE #SNOWMONSTER #LEGS #MUSCLE #POWER @max_hb4life @yg_sheed @yg_jabari @yg_scooter @king.tyyyyy @lil___ty

When your parole officer told you they'd remove the ankle bracelet if you did the #snowchallenge ... | #nyce1s #n1s #lol #smh #lmao #snowstorm #snowmageddon #snowpocalypse

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