Learn To Make A Hit Pop Song With Brett Domino

Brett Domino is a pop king amongst men, so you're in no better hands if you want to be a pop megastar just like Jason Derulo. In an entirely unenthusiastic way Brett delivers insightful insider industry knowledge to help you get your foot on the pop ladder.

Knowledge like, write a good tune would be the first thing to do. Duh. Then once you've written your killer tune, play it on an instrument you have no understanding of. Brett uses a bassoon. So bassoon like a freaky badass and you're on your way.

Then you just google a few things like sexy women for inspiration on the lyrics, Brett uses Jennifer Lawrence, and you have yourself a global pop hit—kinda. Brett even gives us an example he made earlier called "Sexy When You Do That." So watch and learn people. Watch. And. Learn.

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