'Game Of Thrones' Redubbed With Retro Video Game Sound FX Is As Hilarious As It Sounds

There's not much that can't be improved by adding fighting sound FX from Street Fighter II—not that Game of Thrones needs improving, but the addition of them to a couple of scenes in the above video certainly gives the series' dark violence a more comedic tone.

And it's not just SF2 that gets pillaged either, the Mario coin pickup sound and the c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker noise are there in totally appropriate moments, as are a whole bunch of others.

Bravo to Ozzy Man for making such an awesome mashup and making the world a funnier place for a few welcome minutes in the process. It's not just GoT that can be made much more hilarious with video game sounds either. See below for how they can turn Matrix Reloaded from a pile of crap into something totally entertaining.

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