'There Will Be Blood'--British Women Outraged At The Ridiculousness Of Taxing Tampons As Luxuries

If there's one place on the internet that's great for expressing outrage and indignation, it's the entire internet. But also, especially Twitter. And that's where women from Britain, and rightfully so, got vocal about the UK government's so-called "tampon tax", making their feelings know using the hashtag #Tampontax.

The tax has made headlines recently because (mostly male) British members of parliament had voted against (305 Against to 287 For) removing VAT charged on sanitary products for women due to their categorization as "non-essential, luxury" items (i'm guessing that if you are a man then there seems nothing essential about this product in your daily life?).

The vote came after an online petition against it had been signed by more than 250,000 people, but, because of EU rules, it's unlikely that it will be successful—after all, when has a government ever listened to its people?

One MP Paula Sherriff described it as, "VAT on tampons is the vagina added tax. It is a tax on women, pure and simple." And student union welfare officer Rianna Gargiulo added, "It's something that happens to you biologically, that you have no choice over and it's unfair that the government doesn't recognise it. If we went around bleeding everywhere, I don't think they'd be very happy about that." Agreed. It would be a bloody mess.

Twitter decided to voice it's own opinion on the decision and mock it ceaselessly too.

Here's what the hive mind had to say.

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