A Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of Ted Cruz Reveals He Likes To Eat Human Hair And Dislikes Freckles

America will be voting for a new leader in 2016, but who do you want that leader to be? If you want that leader to be a man who dislikes freckles but loves to twerk, who eats human hair, who likes making holes in the beach to barf in, who compares the great nation of the USA to a pork pie, then that man is Ted Cruz.

Well Ted Cruz according to the hilarious YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading, anyway.

With their penchant for turning what celebrities say into absurd gibberish via some bad lip reading, very funny absurd gibberish at that, they make Cruz a far more entertaining and interesting person than he is in real life.

This Cruz is a man that calls Americans "juicy" who says things like:

"You need a bogel for the glotch." Which, well yes, I do.

“Death will find you soon. Not sure you’ll be remembered.”

“You got happy cheer, hrmmmgh!"

“I just love to twerk. Holla holla holla holla holla holla.”

It even has Ted's wife Heidi Cruz stepping in to tell us what her husbands like, "He eats hair, human hair." her redubbed form says, "He's the first one to say, 'Let's go out and eat hair.'"



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