English Politician Liam Fox Denies Sending Tweet, While Sat In Front Of Screen Displaying Said Tweet

When it comes to tweets and ridiculous denials made by politicians, British International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has raised the bar to a totally new level for blatant, flagrant lying, and being caught out live on TV. He was recently bieing interviewed on Sky News UK television on their Sophy Ridge on Sunday: Politics Live TV show.

The host brought up a controversial tweet Liam Fox sent about Europe and Britain, which the Conserative politician then completely denied sending. The only trouble was that the tweet in question was, at that very moment, suddenly displayed on a huge screen just behind Fox.

“You said, ‘the UK is one of the few countries in the EU that doesn’t need to bury its 20th century history...” and Liam Fox then quickly retorts with, "Just a point of clarification, I didn’t send that tweet." Huh?

So Did Liam Fox Really Send That Tweet?

Liam Fox Tweet - 99.

Fox then goes on to say that what Ridge is referring to is actually a speech he had made that the Guardian newspaper then tweeted a section of it out of context. Which is fine, if it were true. It's an honest genuine mistake. BUT ITS NOT BECAUSE THE TWEET IS ON THAT GIANT SCREEN BEHIND YOU. Now unless Sky News has started photoshopping tweets, Liam Fox in this instance is out and out lying.

And Sky News hasn't photoshopped the tweet, because incredibly here is that actual tweet sent in March 2016 from Liam Fox's official 'blue tick' Twitter account. It's still there, which is surely proof that he did send it.

After Fox makes his claim that he didn't send it, Ridge motions towards the screen, but Liam Fox doesn't turn around. Because Liam Fox doesn't care. And the interview then moves onwards.

It's, well, unbelievably believable. Because after Kellyanne Conway's alternative facts made us all gasp and her comments about microwaves. Plus Sean Spicer's heated press conferences where he has to defend (deny?) all kinds of accusations his boss has said on Twitter, this is just further proof that politicians and government officials' lies have gone next level. And just like Brexit, the UK leads the way in surreal political behavior.

Sure denials, retreats, ducking answers and avoiding difficult questions have always happened, but the brazenness of the denials and the unashamed lies have reached troubling new heights. We truly do live in post-truth times.

How Twitter Reacted To The Liam Fox Tweet

Still, while Liam Fox may deny the tweet, many on Twitter were not having it. Instead they took to ridiculing him—which he rightfully deserves—and pointing out the outrageousness of his denial. The incident even got its own hashtag #itwastheguardian.

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