Guy Reads Hilariously Titled Fake Donald Trump Books On New York City Subway

Comedian Scott Rogowsky, of the Running Late show, previously sat himself down on the New York Subway with some very NSFW but very funny book titles. They were completely fake, of course, but that was the point. It was done to prank his fellow commuters as they glanced in shock, intrigue, disbelief, and disgust at what this guy was supposedly reading. It probably didn’t cross their minds that these books don’t actually exist, but you’ll be glad that Scott brought them into existence, if only temporarily.

Because now Rogowsky is back with some more hilariously outrageously titled books to read on the subway to shock his fellow passengers, but this time they all share a theme. And that theme is Donald Trump and it's clear from the titles that Rogowsky isn't a fan of the president-elect, or his cabinet.

Called "Unpresidented Edition" we see Rogowsky reading books with the names of “How to Succeed in Business without Paying Your Contractors” and Mike Pence’s “Prejudice & Prejudice.” Trump's wife doesn't come away unscathed either, as we get "Michelle Obama: In Her Own Words" by Melania Trump.

Along with the great titles, like the previous edition of the prank, it's also equally amusing to see people's looks as they double-take or peer disapprovingly at Rogowsky.

Rogowsky has said that all ad revenue generated from the video will go to ACLU and Planned Parenthood, which is an added reason to watch and share it.

And for more Donald Trump bashing, take a look at Alec Baldwin and SNL's latest Trump skit below, which will be the last one before Trump is inaugurated. Naturally it has lots of references to pee and urinating.

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