How Well Do You Know Your Movies? Can You Guess The Missing Words From These Film Quotes?

So, you think you're a movie buff? You know, the kind of annoying person who quotes movies when they're drunk or corrects someone if they hear them misquoting your favorite scene?

If you think you fit this role then you need to test your knowledge by taking the quiz below.

Because, as everyone knows there's nothing better on this planet than that feeling you get when your friends and peers fail to score as high as you do on a dumb quiz.

The sense of misguided satisfaction is never greater than when you post your pathetic achievement onto Facebook. Be honest, we've all done it and will do it again (i know i will).

So guess the missing words from the blank spaces and win the greatest prize of all—the satisfaction that you've got every quiz answer right. Here's looking at you, kid.


[mtouchquiz 7]

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