Twitter Users Hilariously Attempt To Sum Up Well Known Movie Plots In Just Five Words

We've all heard of the concept of the two-minute elevator pitch when it comes to pitching movies. It's become a myth of the Hollywood movie industry, but although it's undoubtedly pretty tough to summarize a two hour film in a matter of minutes, how much further can you condense things and still get the message across?

Imagine trying to do it in just five words.

Could it be done? Would it still make sense? Well, that's exactly the challenge Twitter users set themselves with a recent hashtag game called #DescribeAMoviesPlotIn5Words which proved very popular with the social media crowd and even saw the likes of Stan Lee and Sarah Michelle Gellar getting involved.

But unlike the elevator pitch the goal of the hashtag game was to be as amusing as possible whilst distilling an entire movie's plot into a few words. It is the internet after all and highly unlikely that anyone's will actually come away with a movie deal. Or maybe not?

Which meant that some people were crude (The Little Mermaid was "Girl disfigures self for dick") while others pointed out some of the ways the movie may have borrowed from other films ("Pocahontas but with blue aliens" was Avatar). And of course the blame game card, as in Titanic ("Boat sank. Suspicious space allocation")

Star Wars and the Harry Potter movies received a lot of attention, but whatever film Twitter users were tackling they proved particularly skilled at the game.

Take a look below at some of our favorites.

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