This Crazy New Cars Film Theory Suggests The Cars in 'Cars' Aren’t Actually Cars At All

In case you haven't seen it, the trailers for Pixar's Cars 3 hint at the violent death of main character Lightning McQueen. But now a new Cars film theory postulated by YouTube channel The Film Theorists would make that death even more disturbing. Heck it would make the entire series disturbing.

Because, contradicting not just the film's title but the whole premise of the series, it suggests that in Pixar's Cars movies the characters aren't actually cars at all. Sure they look like cars, but that hides a deeper truth.

The deeper truth, according to this Cars film theory, is that these aren't talking motor vehicles but are instead a highly evolved form of insect. Yes, insects (Cars film theory: 1).

It's a controversial idea because there's already a film theory about the cars in Cars which says that they're sentient machines. This was born from The Pixar Theory first put forward by Jon Negroni back in 2013. It stated that the films are not only part of one shared universe (which was kind of confirmed by Disney when the official Toy Story Facebook page posted this video) but also that they exist along a cohesive, interconnected timeline.

Inside One Cars Film Theory Lies Another Theory

Cars Film Theory - 99.

In this theory it poses that Syndrome from the Incredibles takes over the world with the super-advanced AI he developed. This eventually leads to humans leaving the earth, kicking off Wall-E and leaving the planet for the AI. To enjoy their newly conquered planet the AI take the form of sentient machines, which are the cars and vehicles seen in Cars (Cars film theory: 2).

However, MatPat from Film Theorists discredits this and says it doesn't fit, instead he suggests that the cars in Cars aren't machines but are instead highly evolved "living creatures" creatures with "internal organs protected by a car-like exoskeleton." He suggests they're living rather than sentient robots because they do things like eat, drink, breathe oxygen, and act like they have bodies. In fact, he says, Pixar have themselves confirmed this in part by saying that behind the cars' windscreens lie their brains (Cars film theory: 3).

After these mind-blowing revelations, MatPat then brings it all back to the Pixar Theory and repositions the Cars movies in this timeline. But they don't come after Wall-E, born from the post-apocalyptic earth like previously thought (Cars film theory: 4).

No, the Cars movies actually come after A Bug's Life, because they are they next stages of evolution of the intelligent bugs found in those movies. Like, whoah (Cars film theory: 5).

All of this Cars film theory stuff does leve you wondering if film buffs are taking things a bit too far, or are they?

All i know is that i'm totally confused.

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Cars film theory = mind blown

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