Gamma Protocol: Action Packed Fan Film Sees Tony Stark Battle The Hulk In Stunningly Realised CGI

In Avengers: Age of Ultron we already got to see a showdown between Hulk and Iron Man, with Iron Man donning his Hulkbuster armor to compensate for the Hulk's hardass strength, and to ensure he didn't get crushed to nothing. But i'm sure, like me, you all wanted to see more of these two Avengers battling each other.

Well thanks to the skills of animator Anthony McGrath fans get to sees these two Avengers duke it out yet again.

McGrath's incredible fan film, called Iron Man Gamma Protocol, the result of countless hours of hard work has been two years in the making and is all computer-generated imagery. It's a stunning achievement as the Hulk, Tony Stark, Stark's Iron Man suit, and the Hulkbuster armour all feature.

It definitely has to be one of the best Marvel fan films made to date, as the two superheroes go toe to toe, causing collateral damage (thankfully the non-human variety) aplenty as they battle it out in an urban setting.

Meaning there's plenty of vehicles for the pair to throw at each other like they were toy cars and total, walls to knock down, petrol stations to wreck, carnage to unleash.

It's testament to McGrath's skill that he can bring all these textures and backgrounds into the film, along with the Hulk's snarling facial expressions. It certainly looks like two years' of effort went into it.

It amounts to an epic piece of CGI for a fittingly epic battle.

Just in case you can't remember the original fight scene from the movie for comparison, here it is below:

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