Casey Neistat Shows What It's Like To Fly Lufthansa First Class - And You're Going To Be Jealous

In this video vlogger Casey Neistat takes a flight on Lufthansa first class, using air miles for the upgrade for the $21,000 first class airplane seat, and videos his experience. And so gives a review of what it's like while also showing those of us who are used to cattle class, what's so special about this top tier of flight luxury.

Neistat, who says the video is not an ad and is in no way affiliated with the company, takes his Lufthansa first class flight from New York City to Germany, and on the way details exactly what flyers can expect. Which means we get a tour of the luxurious Lufthansa lounge. Well, lounges, as there's actually three of them. It's envious.

There's the downstairs lounge, the regular lounge, then the 1st floor lounge, the fancy lounge, then at the top is the really special Lufthansa first class lounge which Neistat says was so fancy he felt uncomfortable being there.

But it's while up there that he bumps into Wesley Snipes, who just happens to be sitting down for some dinner in the Fine Dining area. And Snipes knows who Neistat is too, remarking that he's a fan of his channel. How cool.

Casey Neistat & The Lufthansa First Class Perks

Lufthansa first class flight 02.
Casey Neistat bumps into Wesley Snipes / Img via Youtube

After that encounter Neistat then heads downstairs and he bumps into another celeb, who happens to be his buddy, supermodel Karlie Kloss. How about that? It's a far cry from most of our economy flight experiences. Then he boards the plane and we finally get to see what Lufthansa first class experience is like.

And, well, it's an entirely different setup to economy. There's leg room, the pilot comes out to give a personal hello. Neistat even gets a whole cupboard just for his skateboard. He also gets given some nice "swag"—toiletries, slippers, and pyjamas. And then he goes to sleep. Not all cramped up so he gets an aching neck, but like you would in your own bed. In fact, Neistat remarks that he slept "Like a baby." And that's it's a "Great bed." He also comments on how generally nice the Lufthansa first class staff are.

All in all, watching this will make you feel insanely jealous that you never get to fly a Lufthansa first class flight like Casey. But at least you got to see what it was like, even if it was only vicariously.

You can see more from Casey Neistat at his YouTube channel.

Lufthansa first class flight.
Casey Neistat holding his Lufthansa first class ticket / Img via Youtube

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