Jeb Bush Debuted His Campaign Logo And The Internet Had Lots Of Fun With It #Jeb2016

It's the done thing these days it seems that when a new presidential candidate reveals their campaign logo, people take to twitter to mock and have some fun with it. Just ask Hilary Clinton. And that's especially true if you're one of the Bush clan because, well, because you're one of the Bush clan.

So when Jeb Bush unveiled his finished logo after officially announcing his candidacy for Republican nomination to run for the 2016 presidential election, people were quick to point out a couple of things.

One, it has an unnecessary exclamation mark! And two! It forgot to include his last name.

Now why would that be? Surely nothing to do with the name Bush inducing horrible flashbacks and connotations of war-mongering and rigged elections. Nah, can't be that.

Here's Jeb revealing the logo on his Twitter account.

And here's twitter doing what it does best, creatively mocking it.

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