Child In Stroller Narrowly Avoids Death After Being Blown Onto Subway Tracks

It's a moment that every parent dreads and will send shivers down the spine of any mom or dad who watches the shocking surveillance footage that shows the moment a child's stroller is blown onto the track at Goodge Street station on the London subway system.

It was left unattended at the bottom of a staircase while a man attended to another stroller.

While he was gone a gust of wind blew the stroller onto the tracks of the London tube network, and fortunately a woman, allegedly the kid's mom, jumps down and saves it before a train comes along.

The incident happened seconds after a train left the station and it's terrifying to see it unfold in the footage above. British Transport Police released the footage to try and track the couple to check no one was injured.

Lesson learned here: never, ever leave a stroller unattended when using the subway.


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