Classic Album Covers Come Alive And Sing In This Incredibly Inventive Music Video

These days album art isn't what it once was. It's all digital now. No one gives a damn about album art, it's just a thumbnail on your iTunes. But there was a time, many moons ago when all this was fields, when the cover art defined an album.

And inside those album covers were circular discs of black vinyl that you put on a device that spun it, and it also had a mechanical arm with a sharp pointy needle that lowered itself onto the plastic disc and magically created music. If you don't believe me go ask your grandparents.

It was a magical age and it's those iconic album covers, from Madonna, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, and more that come to life in this music video for Roy Kafri's "Mayokero."

The video is directed by Vania Heymann and, as well as being technically impressive, is also a lot of fun.

We get to see ABBA beatboxing and Prince doing that neck tapping thing. Heymann notes that it's "Made out of love and admiration for all the musicians and visual artists who's art we grew up listening to and staring at."

It's a brilliant homage.

If you wanted to know more about the VFX magic behind it, checking out the making-of below.

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