Dad Confronts Creepy Guy Taking Pictures Of His Kids, You Won't Believe What He finds On His Camera

J Keith is not a happy man (and lets' face it, who would be in this situation)--After noticing an old man in a red car taking pictures of his girlfriend and his two kids, J Keith confronts him and asks him what the heck he's doing.

The creep's reply was "I am taking pictures of adult females and kids." but then sped off.

So, the guy put up a cash reward asking for info and after finding out the guy's address he heads round to his home to confront him. Watch the video to see what happens next.


In the words of J Keith:
"After leaving lakeside today with my two children and a friend, I noticed an old man in a red Cavalier holding a camera in his car taking pictures of my friend and my two kids. At first I thought it maybe just a coincidence then I noticed him taking another picture of another attractive female.

I immediately approached the man and asked what he was doing. He simply said "I am taking pictures of adult females and kids". I snapped since I knew he had taken one with my kids in it as well. he then jetted off before I had a chance to do anything further.

A few days later, since the police had no leads, I put up a cash reward for finding him. Ten minutes later, I had all the information I needed."

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