Fatherhood At Its Best (And Worst)—Dad Retches His Way Through Changing His Baby's Diaper

Becoming a new parent for the first time is one of life's great milestones. No longer are you just looking out for yourself (and your partner) but you've now got to look out for a tiny human who will grow up to take every cent you earn.

And any parent will know, there is both joy and pain. Above you can see the joy that new parents feel as they await their new addition. It features a couple's adorable pregnancy time-lapse, showing them preparing while they await the stork to makes it delivery. It's what every parent-to-be looks forward to.

Soon-to-be-mom is painting pictures to adorn the walls of the newborn's room while soon-to-be-dad dutifully builds the cot. Then, baby finally arrives and the nine month journey is complete.

All that's left is to dote on your new arrival.

But, what they don't show in this video is some of the pain you go through. Like the sleep-deprivation or dealing with a particularly abundant diaper, which is what happens in the video below.

Watch and laugh heartily as a particularly oversensitive dad heaves and gags his way through changing a particularly pungent diaper. And if you are new to all this i can tell you it's unlike any other rancid smell you've ever dealt with.

Welcome to being a new parent, and don't panic, no sleep and no social life only lasts about 5 years, unless that is you have another child.

And once you get through that you have your whole life to constantly worry about them.

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