Subway Surfer - Daredevil Films Himself Atop A Moving Metro Because He's A Complete Maniac

Pasha Bumchik shows one way you could liven up the daily commute, by dicing with death to ride on top of a train carriage, instead of riding inside like the rest of the bores. I guess it avoids dealing with the daily crush with all the other morning commuters.

The daredevil Ukrainian teen filmed himself entering a metro station, hopping a razor-wired fence, trespassing onto a small bridge, and then jumping onto the roof of the train.

Then it starts moving and you realize just how ridiculously dangerous it all is. He films it all on a GoPro in one take as well, which is nearly as impressive as the train-riding stunt itself.

It's certainly a feat that laughs in the face of death and could only be done by a teenager, when your own crippling mortality isn't quite yet apparent.

I'm guessing that the gene that rationalizes between idiocy and invincibility hasn't quite kicked in yet for Pasha, lets hope it does before he tries anything even more dangerous (although looking at his YouTube channel makes me think that each new upload is going to be more daring than the last)

Fortunately he manages to climb down to safety between two carriages and jump off the train casually at the next stop. Before running off, probably excited to upload the footage to YouTube and revel in viral glory.

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