Two Ravens Fans Get An Unexpected Gatecrasher At Their Marriage Proposal

David Rudich and Amy Segall are engaged, but their engagement wasn't your ordinary affair because it happened to feature a very special guest. It all started off pretty standard with David pulling the ring from his pocket before bending down on one knee to pop the question.

But let's just back up and give it some context here: the proposal is taking place at the Baltimore Ravens training facility, known as The Castle, because Amy is a huge Ravens fan. So, David pops the question, Amy replies with a "yes" (congrats guys!) and then while they're both basking in the happy news who should come along but none other than Ravens' coach John Harbaugh.

He just happened to be strolling on by as the proposal was going down and offers his congrats and hugs. Awww. David missed a trick here though, instead of pretending that it was all part of his cunning plan and scoring mega brownie points, he nods when asked if it's a coincidence. Fail.

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