Watch The Best Of The Web 2014 Compiled Into Six Minutes Of Video

It's coming to the year's end which means lists, lists, and more lists. Did I mention lists? They're here in abundance to remind us of the year that was and all the stuff you missed or couldn't be bothered to engage with.

And here's a list that you don't even have to expend energy reading because it's in video format, featuring the best of the web compiled by Luc Bergeron. In which he collates together the adventurous, the badass, and the amusing viral videos you might not have seen because you have a life and don't spend all your time on the internet.

But Bergeron's got your back, he doesn't want you to miss out. So if you were shaking with anxiety because your "must-watch web videos" list was getting out of control, now you can digest them all in six minutes of video. Done and done.


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