Donald Trump Writing His Inauguration Speech With A Sharpie Gets Heavily And Hilariously Trolled

Donald Trump will very soon be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. And like all president-elects, Trump recently tweeted a photo of himself writing his inauguration speech for a press call.

"Writing my inaugural address at the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago, three weeks ago. Looking forward to Friday.#Inauguration," Trump tweeted.

It showed him looking at the camera in a very staged manner while holding a pen and a sheet of paper.

A sheet of paper that was turned up at the corner so you couldn't quite see what was on it. And a pen that, it was pointed out, looked like a sharpie. A sharpie with the lid closed at that. Staged much? Of course not.

Which for Twitter was ample fuel for them to troll him hard about what exactly that paper contained. And, because his look was so bizarre, everyone also questioned what was going through his mind. The perfect internet fodder.

It all added up to a lot of mocking, from people pretending Trump was writing like a pre-schooler to penning a letter to his Russian buddy Vladimir Putin.

Of course we won't know what it contains until he delivers it after he officially become president on January 20 at midday, but a lot of people are already having a guess as to what it might be. YouTube celebrity Dan Bull has even made a 'TRUMP RAPS HIS INAUGURATION SPEECH' video above in honor of the occasion.

Here's the original photo:

And here's Twitter's hilarious responses. At least if America has to suffer four (or God forbid eight) more years of Donald Trump as POTUS, we can expect (and hope for) a helluva lot more of this type of parody fun.

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