'Trump Impeachment Party' Was Thrown Recently On Twitter, Here's The Memes That Went With It

A virtual Donald Trump impeachment party was taking place on Twitter recently, just short of a month since the president's inauguration ceremony. It came off the back of the latest links his presidency has had with Russia, after not only Michael Flynn, his National Security Advisor, resigned after his ties with the country, but also accusations that aides had contact with Russia during Trump's campaign, as reported by the New York Times.

Such allegations meant that many were asking "Will Trump be impeached?" or simply demanding to impeach Trump. Which means the president's problems don't look like they'll be going away any time soon and for his opponents, the so-called Resistance, it meant it was time to throw a Trump Impeachment Party on Twitter.

Anyone was invited to the virtual Trump impeachment shindig on Twitter #TrumpImpeachmentParty, come one come all was the general consensus. You could bring a bottle or you could just bring yourself, as long as you were willing to celebrate a Trump impeachment, that's all that mattered.

Leave it to the politicians and the media to ask whether can Trump be impeached or how to impeach Trump, for Twitter what was important was the Trump memes, which it gladly made merry with, effectively shouting "Impeach Donald trump!" while cracking open a bottle of fine wine.

And it isn't just Twitter who thinks the Trump's presidency might be in jeopardy, Trump impeachment odds at UK bookies (Las Vegas doesn't allow betting on anything other than sports) have been shorted to 11/10 after POTUS' first chaotic few weeks in office.

So will Trump get impeached? No one can tell, but that hasn't stopped Twitter, yet again, having some fun at the expense of a Trump impeachment. Lets hope they throw another Trump impeachment party next month.

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