Dubai Will Get The World's First Passenger-Based Hyperloop System And It Will Look Like This

Hyperloop One could be coming to Dubai. Elon Musk's futuristic pod-based supersonic transport system which transports passengers at at an average speed of around 600mph (Musk said "it could take passengers the 380 miles (610km) from LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes - half the time it takes a plane"), recently announced that they're looking into building the world's first passenger-based hyperloop in the United Arab Emirates largest city.

"We've signed an agreement with RTA Dubai to jointly pursue a passenger and cargo #hyperloop network in Dubai and between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. This could reduce the time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to 12 minutes." said the company.

Along with this they also released a concept video (above) which showed how the super fast hyperloop system works and also gives a POV of what it would be like to ride in it.

The video shows someone booking a pod on their phone, and then walking down to the street and a smaller hyperpod—the pods come in various types: meeting, lounge or standard coach pod—comes to pick you up. This drives along the street to take you to a hyperloop station (called hyperloop portals) where they lock in with other small pods, both passenger and cargo, inside the longer pods of the actual Hyperloop One system.

Once in the bigger pod, you can then be transported "at airline speeds" on the hyperloop's maglev system on longer journeys. Then at the other end the smaller pods can disembark and take you to your destination, giving you a door-to-door service.

The company themselves are currently still working on the full-scale prototype of the track, testing the supersonic system earlier this year. And which it plans to unveil to the public in 2017.

As for when the Dubai hyperloop will be ready. "We still don’t have details on the timeline for the new deal with Dubai," says news site Electrek. "But when discusing the timeline for the first commercial version of the system, which now looks like it will be in Dubai, CEO Rob Lloyd mentioned 2021."


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