'Phenomenal' -- Eminem Channels His Inner Action Hero For Explosive & High-Octane Music Video

Eminem turns all Jason Bourne in the new incredible music video for his song "Phenomenal"—taken from the Southpaw soundtrack it actually channels a lot of other movies and TV shows. It starts off with Marshall Mathers waking in a hospital bed, a la The Walking Dead.

Then it's straight into a fight scene in the corridor outside which is very Terminator 2 meets Old Boy, as he shows off some martial arts skills. Are we starting to see some sort of pastiche from the cult films genre here?

From then on we see the rapper fighting in the streets of a city that looks like Tokyo in Blade Runner before he meets John Malkovich, who has more than a passing resemblance to Morpheus in the Matrix.

Then he jumps on a motorbike, does some slow-mo crashing, borrows a guy's car and goes drifting-Tokyo-style.

But not before he berates his passenger (Randall Park who's wearing a jacket reminiscent of Ryan Gosling in Drive) for taking a selfie, then Mathers is off in a helicopter, which explodes, and he comes crashing onto a stage where Dr. Dre's been waiting for him.

Pheewww. It's so action-packed you almost forget there's a song playing.


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