How To Achieve An Amazing 'Before & After' Body Transformation In Just 5hrs (Kind of)

Whenever summer comes around and you happen to be a guy it's that time of year when you can't help get a bit body conscious, let's face it, the combination beer, burgers and the rare visit to the gym are not going to give you the body of an athlete.

But what about those late-night TV ads we've all seen, a fat lardass of a man is transformed by the power of supplements into a muscle-bound six-pack wearing god of fitness in 6 weeks. YES, 6 weeks, 42 days, 1008 hours, 60,480 minutes.....you get the picture, that's hardly any time at all, and if i saw it on late-night TV it must be true, right?

Because for all the skeptics amongst us they even have the before and after pictures to prove it, so there!

But is all that 'fact' (nonsense to you and me) really true? How can we possibly find out?

Well, this genius exposes the potentially fraudulent ways that such a picture can be misleading. Forget waiting 6 weeks, this dude can do it in 5hours--And there’s no Photoshop either. IT’S ALL TRUE!!!--(kind of)

It might not help your cause to get a perfect set of abs in a few weeks, but it will leave you feeling satisfied that no one else in your shape will be able to either.

Adopting the 'No pain, no gain' mantra is the only way you are going to get what you want.


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