Five Men Wearing Makeup Try To Look Like Women For A Test - And The Results Are Amazing

Men wearing makeup, in an attempt to look like women for a test and show off their feminine side, experience how, if applied properly by a good make-up artist, the application of make-up can totally transform you. Which means that many of the men of the world have no idea what women have to go through nearly every day.

Which is where this video comes in from Buzzfeed channel Boldly. It features five men wearing makeup who have never worn it before. And that last bit is especially important because the whole idea around the video above is to show them, not only how fabulous they may (or may not) look, but also just how much effort it takes to achieve it. Especially if they might fancy the idea of a gender change one day.

But more importantly, it also gives them first hand experience of a routine that half the population has to go through, pretty much daily, which becomes obvious that they have completely no idea of. As such this video should be compulsory viewing for the entire male population of the planet—screened in schools, perhaps.

Five Men Wearing Makeup Get Transformed

Five Men Wearing Makeup.

We also get to see, explicitly, the incredible transformative effects of men wearing makeup. And that's because the volunteers only get it applied to half their face. The other half is au naturel, which may make for some strange-looking faces, but it also shows how much some foundation and a little bit of lipstick can change someone's look. For better or worse as one guy notes when he says, "It feels like I'm getting grosser."

But whether they like the way they turned out or not, the experience turns out as something of a revelation and a learning curve for them—and that's the main thing really. "It's really eye opening, like, what girls and women go through. If I had to do that on my own I'd blind myself." says one guy. "It's a window into women's daily routine." says another. "Or, like, what people expect."

So guys, if like these men wearing makeup you too want to put on some rouge or a bit of lipstick to glam yourself up, don't be afraid. No one will judge you. But it's probably best to do the whole face instead of half of it.

See more videos from Buzzfeed at their Boldly YouTube channel.

Five Men Wearing Makeup 01.
Image via Boldly / YouTube

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