Calm Down Everyone Of The Day: Supposed New MTV Show '12 And Pregnant' Is Actually Just A Joke

It doesn't take much for the internet to explode with indignation and moral outrage. So when satirical news site Empire News ran a story about MTV starting production on a new show 12 And Pregnant, people were suckered into thinking it was true. The story ran thus:

Known for hit television shows such as The Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and The Real World, MTV is always finding a way to bring home the ratings, even when some claim that what they are airing isn’t appropriate television. Despite controversy and complaint, the ratings speak for themselves, and the network always seems to find a way to pack the couch and have people watching the channel day-after-day for over 30 years.

A new show that MTV plans to air may be a breaking point for the company, even in this new day and age. Insiders say the whole concept itself may stir up a huge outbreak of lawsuits, hate groups, and generally angry parents.

Already being filmed, MTV plans on releasing the new show 12 And Pregnant this coming fall.

Cue apoplectic social media fury, as people were disgusted, horrified and downright angry that MTV would stoop so low. People who were obviously too busy to do a quick google search or read the about section of Empire News which says:

"Empire News is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental."

Comments under the article are a lesson in think, and perhaps research just a teeny bit, before you post.


Snopes.com notes that the article, which was published back in July, is a big bunch of fakey fakeness. Yet still people took to Twitter thinking it was actually going to get made.

Yep, they are kidding you.


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