Ever Wondered What All Of Your Favorite Disney Princesses Would Look Like As Hipsters?

It's about time all those Disney Princesses came of age, wised up to the fact they are living in the 21st century and realized that because they have always been cool (in the eyes of the adoring children who loved them), they were actually cool, before it was cool to be cool, before hipsters roamed the planet in their spray-on-jeans.

.....ergo, they are the genesis of the whole hipster movement, so what better way to prove it than to show them as they would look if they were around today.

And just like in all the fairy tales, if you wish upon a star all your dreams will come true, well, maybe that might be correct if your name just happens to be Emmanuel Viola.

She's a professional illustrator, who has updated the familiar princesses in a new, fresh way: as pierced and tattooed-up badass hipsters - Looking cool, drinking an Aeropress cold brew coffee.

But with a certain glint in their eye that hints that they might be out to cause trouble.

"There's always a dark side in all of us," Viola says.

Jasmine from Aladdin (www.behance.net)


Princess Leia (www.behance.net)


Cinderella (www.behance.net)


Belle from The Beauty and the Beast (www.behance.net)


Pocahontas as Bat Girl (www.behance.net)


Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (www.behance.net)


Snow White (www.behance.net)


Ariel from The Little Mermaid (www.behance.net)


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