Father And Daughter Create Stop-Motion Jurassic Park With $100,000 Worth Of Lego

Here's a litmus test of how great a parent you are, or might be. Would you have the dedication to recreate a stop-motion short film of Jurassic Park that took three month and used around $100,000 worth of Lego?

Don't worry because neither would I. But super dad Paul Hollingsworth did, along with his daughter Hailee—who go by the name Digital Wizards—over the festive holidays.

The pair also had a lot of help from their friends and the result is a condensed three and a half minute version of the film, that not only looks great and includes all the iconic scenes, but it's also full of humor too.

After you've watched the video, you can take a peek behind the scenes of the three month-long shoot, below.

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