RED vs BLUE - Your Favorite Red And Blue Rivals Do Battle In This Epic Live-Action Fight

Red and blue, two distinct colors that can mean so much more. Because they're not just colors but rival markings, lines drawn in the sand, two opposing sides at odds with each other. Ideologies clashing in various guises that have existed throughout history and also in popular culture, media and even what we drink.

From the red and blue states battling in the Civil War to Iron-Man versus Captain America in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War. Even Star Wars' has it's blue lightsaber of the Force versus the red lightsaber of the Empire.

All those and many more feature in Corridor Digital's ultimate battle between the forces of rouge and cobalt in their Red Vs. Blue live-action video. And the result is totally awesome.

From Sonic versus Mario to Cookie Monster versus Elmo and Hilary Clinton versus Trump, it's a great reminder of just how many rivals there are that stake one of these two colors as their own.

So why not sit back, crack open a Coke or Pepsi (see what i did there?) and pick a side and see who comes out on top. Actually, it's hard to tell which color wins because they both win some battles, lose others.

Along with the finished article there's also a behind-the-scenes video showing how they brought the many aspects and characters together. It also shows some of the huge sacrifices that the filmmakers make to get their vision onto YouTube.

Sacrifices like Corridor Digital's Sam Gorski having to shave his sideburns to play Donald Trump.

Check out the whole BTS below.

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