Dude Perfect Take On Softball Stereotypes And You Probably Know (Or Are) Some Of These People

Pretty much all of us have played softball at one time or another and for some of us it is just a bit of fun, something to be played with friends in the park, or maybe in an office team. While others might enjoy it so much they have taken it a step further and joined an affiliated team.

Either way, whether you are only a casual player or committed a team member you wouldn't have failed to noticed that some people (and by 'some people' that could mean 'you') adopt a definite character role when in the vicinity of a softball field.

Dude Perfect have a long running series called "Stereotypes" where, as you might expect, they take on stereotypes, acting out the various individuals that inhabit various sports or that drive on the road, go hunting, or eat at restaurants. Their latest takes on softball and like the others they pretty much nail all the types of people you're likely to meet on the field.

From the "I Got It Guy" who thinks that every single catch is his, no matter where on the field it is, to the guy who's constantly on his phone—which is pretty much a modern condition that affects all walks of life.

It's basically eight minutes of you going "Oh yeah, I know someone like that." Or if you're really honest with yourself it's you going, "Oh yeah, that's me."

And then, of course, there's the guy with a flamethrower in the back of his golf kart.

You know, the Rage Monster.

Don't piss off that guy. And definitely don't cut him from the team.


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