UFO Over Los Angeles Causes The Internet To Lose Its Collective Mind -- #TheyreComing

They're here. The aliens. At least, that's what it appeared like to residents of Los Angeles on Saturday night, as a strange white light streaked across the sky leaving a blue trail—and causing everyone from Orange County to Hollywood to start preparing to welcome our new insect overlords.

Because, of course, people began speculating immediately that it was aliens and the UFO belonged to some kind of unearthly spacecraft. It was certainly a bizarre sight, with people as far away as Arizona and Las Vegas reporting seeing it, and freaking out about it.

Sadly (or not, depending on your view of wanting alien visitation) the mysterious sight wasn't caused by extraterrestrial beings, but instead was just the Navy launching some test missiles off the Southern California coast. Yeah, riiiiiight.

Here's the statement released by Navy spokesman Cmdr. Ryan Perry:

Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted scheduled Trident II (D5) missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky, an Ohio Class SSBN, in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California. The tests were part of a scheduled, on-going system evaluation test. Launches are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system. Each test activity provides valuable information about our systems, thus contributing to assurance in our capabilities.

The missile was not armed. Strategic Systems Programs does not routinely announce missile testing. Information regarding the test launch of Trident II (D5) missiles is classified prior to the launch.

So there you go. Hold off on calling Mulder and Scully, because as much as people want it to be aliens, or as much as TV and movies have infiltrated our imaginations that we instantly think its aliens, it wasn't.

Here's some of the footage and images captured by people who saw it.

And here's some of the fun people had with the whole ET drama of it all.

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