GTA 5 Is Meticulously Recreated In Real-World Los Angeles And It Looks Amazing

There have been a lot of GTA in real life style videos, but this one has to be one of the most accurate renditions. It not only mimics the camera angles and the character's swag walk, but also the way enemies fly at the screen after being hit with a car.

As it follows the white-vest wearing protagonist through Los Angeles, it takes in the real world inspirations for some of the locations and landmarks in Los Santos.

The video was created by VFX mavens CorridorDigital, who have the character undertaking typical GTA activities like punching innocent bystanders, shooting at gangs, stealing cars, and performing ridiculous bike stunts.

It's all incredibly well done with great attention to detail. Thankfully all the bloodshed and shooting isn't real though, but that doesn't stop it from being slightly creepy seeing your violent actions being enacted for real.

it seems not everyone is convinced though as this YouTube commenter points out, "2/10 graphics suck. Too fake looking, especially the people" - Still you can't please everyone i guess.

If you want to find out how they did it, check out the making of video below.

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