The Friendship Between This Preschooler And A WWII Vet Will Melt Your Heart

Anyone who's seen Disney's The Fox and the Hound knows friendship can traverse societal norms and turn talking animals from different sides of the track into BFFs. And if common enemies can become friends, then 3 year old Emmett Rychner and 89 year old Erling Kindem can be buddies too.

The pair formed a friendship over tomato plants (let's hope they really were "tomato" plants) after Emmett helped the World War II veteran tend to his garden. That was the beginning of a beautiful tomato patch—and from then on the pair hung out, raced tractors and discussed Wittgenstein (OK, that last one was a lie).

But now, just like the third act of a Disney movie, tragedy has befallen these Minnesota neighbors as Rychner's evil parents have decided to move and the family home is on the market. Not only that, but Kindem's evil kids have convinced him and his wife to move out and live in a senior home.

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN? Let's hope there's a happily-ever-after-fourth-act-resolution on the horizon and the two get to remain best buddies. Or else I'm going to lose faith in humanity.

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