And Here Is The Reason Why You Should NEVER Challenge An Army Veteran To A Push Up Contest

Look at these young pretenders thinking they can beat an old Russian army veteran at a pushup contest because he's older than them and his hair is whiter and less present. Well, think again!

Watch as he never misses a beat while the young people—who, tsk, tsk, don't even know they're born etc, etc—fall by the wayside, unable to hack the pace.

As the excited crowd counts up to 20 in Russian, some of the young contestants have already given up, but the veteran kept going.

And the old guy doesn't even want to stop, after doing 37 push-ups his friends have to step in because they know he might end up injuring the young people because he'll go on for days like this. Just like he did in Korea.

All the other competitors were super impressed and shook his hand at the end, proving that age really is just a number when it comes to this amazing military warrior.

See those medals on the breast of his jacket? He didn't earn those playing Call of Duty.


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