31 Funny Church Signs That Are So Hilarious You'll Want To Thank God

When it comes to getting your attention, be you religious or secular, attending or just driving by, funny church signs do the trick. Standing out front, their task is to offer up something witty, charming, inspirational, and thought provoking. A succinct one liner that is able to be understood immediately but also raise a chuckle.

It's a particularly American phenomenon (there's even a book dedicated to them), with funny church signs being abundant in every state in the United States. Sure some of those you see online are made with a sign generator. But many aren't and are genuine. Which means there must be a lot of witty pastors and sign makers out there. Does that mean they all go to some sort of special school to learn the art of funny church signs?

Or maybe it's something they learn on the job. That difficult first church marquee sign you have to write. Hours spent thinking it up, sleepless nights mulling it over. Friends used as soundboards to help you fine tune it. Then comes the day where you have to load up the letters. You step back, admire it, then go hide and wait to see if people come along and laugh when they read it.

But after that initial first time, the nerves, the anxiety, it must surely get easier and easier. You begin to rise to the challenge of writing funny church signs daily. You relish it, in fact. The puns flow like water into wine.

With that in mind, have a look at some of these creations below, they are so hilarious it's sinful. And long may this American tradition reign. Praise be.

Here Are 31 Of the Best Funny Church Signs

cute sayings 01.
cute sayings 02.
cute sayings 03.
cute sayings 04.
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cute sayings 06.
cute sayings 07.
cute sayings 08.
cute sayings 0.9
cute sayings 10.
funny church signs 01.
funny church signs 02.
funny church signs 03.
funny church signs 04.
funny church signs 05.
funny church signs 06.
funny church signs 07.
funny church signs 08.
funny church signs 09.
funny church signs 10.
marquee puns 01.
marquee puns 02.
marquee puns 03.
marquee puns 04.
marquee puns 05.
marquee puns 06.
marquee puns 07.
marquee puns 08.
marquee puns 09.
marquee puns 10.
marquee puns 11.

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