Finally! Women Respond To The Age-Old Question Of 'Does Size Matter?'

It's a question that men throughout the ages have fretted over, and now it looks like we finally have some video evidence of an actual answer. The social experiment whizs over at Cut Video have recently released "Does size matter? (Women Ages 18-50 Respond)."

In it, a random sample of women across various ages and backgrounds answer whether size is important for them. And, men of the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief because it seems that, no, size isn't really that important.

Of course, that's not to say that EVERY woman in the video agrees that size doesn't matter, a small minority think it does. But it's overwhelming good news.

It's also an interesting observation on how women, as they mature in age, have a different perception about the subject, god bless you ladies.

Of course, they could all be lying in a mass attempt to lure us males into a false sense of security.

But it's best not to ponder too much on that. Is it?


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