The Many Mysteries Of Women's Underwear - Comedian Robbie Sherrard Tries To Understand

There are many mysteries of the universe that, while they not be mentioned in the annals of history, man has still devoted much of his time pondering, and none more so that the biggest mystery of them all, women's underwear.

However, if you stumbled upon some women's underwear on the sidewalk outside your home, you'd probably just shake your head, step over them, and carry on with your day and never think of it again. Much.

Not so comedian and YouTuber Robbie Sherrard. He is a man who needs answers. Answers that have eluded the male species of the human race for eons.

Sherrard picks them up and takes them inside his home to film himself ruminating on the mysteries of the female pantie. Mysteries like, where the f*ck is all the material? "It's so... small," he ponders, "I've seen felt tip pens with more fabric than this."

He also wonders how they're put on, answers that age old mystery of whether, much like a two way mirror, you can see out but not in, and also brings up the valid point of, could they be used as a deadly weapon? In which case, shouldn't they be banned from planes?

Important questions for our time, questions that need answers.


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