George Washington Memes - 51 Reasons Why Your View Of US History Is All Wrong

These George Washington memes might not necessarily be entirely accurate. OK, they're not accurate at all, but they are very amusing. They feature those historical paintings that we're all very familiar with from school. The ones featuring George Washington and the Founding Fathers looking all serious.

But these up the comedy some what, by adding some inappropriate captions in a Comic Sans font. By doing so they're turned into hilarious and ridiculous George Washington memes. And they certainly would have made history class a bit more interesting. In fact, one day these George Washington memes might well be studied in some kind of cultural sociology capacity. Or, who knows, in this post-truth world they might even be used for actual history classes. If the 45th president doesn't let a little thing like the truth get in the way of his narrative, then why should the first?

Anyway, for now they're just have to remain as some funny pics on the internet. An antidote to studying George Washington in the classroom. And a good reminder of what the 4th July is all about.

George Washington Memes (With Comic Sans)

george washington memes 02.

The captions themselves of course come courtesy of the good people of the internet (and Tumblr in particular).

And they work like a kind of alternate history, like some kind of absurdist cartoon-esque untold adventures of the first President of the United States. Sure those adventures may be daft, but they're great fun too. Someone should actually animate them and pitch the idea to Adult Swim.

What these George Washington memes don't do though is give some suggestion as to the important matters that might have been getting discussed by the wooden-teeth-wearer and his associates in these paintings. Because, for one thing, George Washington wouldn't be watching The Walking Dead. He'd be much more into Game of Thrones, surely?

So if you were wondering what the first POTUS and his compatriots were thinking as they battled to kick the English out of their backyard, these George Washington memes probably won't help. But they will make you laugh. Especially if you read the Declaration of Independence, stand up and put your right hand over your heart, feel proud, and sing The Star Spangled Banner while you look at these George Washington memes.

George Washington memes 01.

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