Kids Are The Worst - 50 Examples Of How Your Little Treasures Can Wreak Havoc In Your Home

Looking at most people's Facebook pics of their kids you'd think they were nothing but life-enriching little angels. They are always shot showing their little treasures looking pretty much perfect and like butter wouldn't melt in their mouth, so much so that you find yourself wondering why your little devils angels are not so well behaved.

But while they no doubt can bring much happiness, they can also wreak havoc too.

That havoc can take many forms as well, be it immersing themselves in paint, peanut butter, moisturising cream, flour, you name it, a kid will find a way to get it all over your living room and themselves.

And God forbid you leave them alone with a pen for a few minutes, because once that back is turned they're going to get creative with your walls, their face, your furniture, the dog.

Which means that patience is something that will be your kid's gift to you.

You will learn how to be patient like some kind of Zen Buddhist master. You will also learn the ability to clean up an elaborate mess without having a breakdown because it's the tenth time that week you've had to do it.

So yeah, those photos of little angels only tell a small fraction of the story.

These photos tell the rest. And if you are still not convinced look at the evidence in the video below.

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