TL;DR Wikipedia - Got Time To Read The World's Most Accurate (And Funny) Social Encyclopedia

As anyone who's lost a good few hours hyperlinking their way around Wikipedia after only intending to go on their for a few minutes will know, the site is vast. Maybe too vast. All those huge swathes of information on anything from porcelain to Georgian folk dances. It's like, whoah there!

But that's where single-serving Tumblr blog TL;DR Wikipedia comes in, which shortens all those lengthy wiki entries into a much more easily digestible format: a format that's one sentence long.

For instance it's entry on Che Guevara reads "Ernesto 'Che' Guevara commonly known as el Che was an Argentinean t-shirt icon." Perfect. It not only tells us his full name, but also contextualises his achievements for a modern audience.

Check out the gallery above, there's 150 nuggets of information that you can use to increase your knowledge and impress your friends with.

You'll be able to work your way through these in the time it takes to read just one Wikipedia post.


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