'Glider Yachts SS18' Is An Incredible High Speed Luxury Sports Boat Fit For A Bond Villain

It looks like it's glided out of a science fiction movie or from the lair of a Bond villain, but it's actually Glider Yachts SS18. The SS18 stands for Super Sports 18 and it's a high end, high speed luxury boat.

The sports yacht is 60ft long and its unique design features twin hulls and a Stability Control System (SCS) which marries it with sea conditions so it can glide across the surface hitting speeds of 56 knots. It does this using four 270hp Yamaha waterjet engines totalling 1,080-horsepower. It can go from Monaco to Saint-Tropez in the Mediterranean or Miami to the Bahamas in just 45 minutes.

Eight years in the making and built in the UK it's one of the fastest yachts money can buy, and is created in a similar custom way to F1 cars and private jets—meaning owners can customize their orders.

The cockpit has space for four guests and a pilot so you can glide across the water, downing champagne and feeling the wind in your hair. It costs around $1.4 million to buy though, so won't come cheap.

And if that isn't enough power for you, there are also plans for a Hyper Sports version which will have 3,400bhp, a sub 3.5 seconds 0-60 acceleration and top speed of over 96+ knots.

Bikini-clad women not included.


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