Is Google Glass The Worst Product Of All Time?

John P, of YouTube channel Geek Beat, is out to inflame the Glassholes and lovers of Google's wearable tech, Google Glass. And he's pulling no punches, claiming right off the bat that Glass is "The worst product I've ever experienced."

His beefs with the product range from how uncomfortable they are to the "abysmal" battery life and the constant appearance of the blue screen of death. And he really begrudges shelling out nearly $2000 for a pair. Maybe a few iterations down the line and Google will have a decent product, but it doesn't look like they're ready just yet—not at that price anyway.

You can compare John P's rant (above) to Google's own promotional video below where everything works just great, because of course it does.

What do you think—is his response justified or should he be a bit more lenient?

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