Google Rebrands As 'Alphabet' And Twitter Has Lots Of Fun With The Company's New Name

So yesterday the news came it that Google was changing its name. Or, at least, it was keeping its name but changing its parent company name to Alphabet. It was all kind of confusing and their reasons for doing it was listed as many.

Even stranger, the domain name for Alphabet is abc.xyz — and not what you would it expect it to be - alphabet.com (which is a Business Mobility and Fleet Management company currently getting inundated by people curious about what Google are up to).

But, it's probably likely that it was done to appease investors who didn't want to see the huge profits Google makes from its advertising search engine revenue disappear into their "moonshot" projects like Glass and driverless cars and balloon-delivered internet. So Alphabet is the group name which will include the moonshot crazy dreams of the future, while the name Google will cover the ad revenue and search engine side.

What's also worth pointing out about the announcement is Google/Alphabet/Whatevs have a great sense of humor. Hidden on the announcement page was an easter egg. To find it you need to go to the page then click on the period after the words "drone delivery effort." You'll then be taken to another website—and if you're a fan of HBO's Silicon Valley the website (which you can also go to by clicking here) will make you chuckle.

Because it's a mockup site for the fictional, but very Google-esque, company Hooli which is always coming out with crazy moonshot-type ideas in the series.

It wasn't just Google having some fun either, Twitter decided to have a laugh too at the name change. Here's some of the jokes it made at Google (and Alphabet's) expense.

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