Google - Year in Search 2014: Here's What The People Of Planet Earth Were Searching For This Year

It will come as no surprise to learn that trillions of searches were conducted on Google in 2014—but just what were people searching for? Google have put together this compilation to show what was occupying people's thoughts over the last year.

But rather than showing the actual search terms, it shows us a mashup of footage of the videos, TV shows, films, scientific breakthroughs, deaths, and global events that came to define the year.

From Google:

This year people searched for everything under the sun and beyond, from distant comets to tiny burritos. And they asked Google important questions like, “where do we come from?” and “should I get married?”

That’s why today we’re launching our annual #YearinSearch, a look back at the searches, questions and moments that defined 2014.

To compliment the video Google have broken down the different searches and the stories behind them, which you can check out here. And they also released lists showing the top trending searches. You can check out the worldwide list below:

And for the USA:

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