Got The Hump Yet? Apple's New iPhone Battery Case Gets Roundly Mocked By The Internet

Apple unveiled their Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S yesterday and it didn't get the warmest of receptions. The case has a soft microfibre lining to protect the phone and a big hump on the back with a built-in battery to extend battery life.

Not only did people take this as Apple admitting the iPhone 6 models (the smaller ones anyway) had a problem with battery life, but they also took it as a insult Apple's design history—which has favored elegant, beautiful, and sleek products that make technology desirable.

Not so the humped battery case, whose design and price tag was roundly mocked by, where else, but the denizens of twitter and the web community at large.

Wired UK penned it pefectly with their opening statement:

"Apple does not release products purely to spite editorial writers, but if you're feeling particularly cynical they just came awfully close. The new official iPhone 6/6S case with an integrated battery pack has shown up on Apple's website, promising to boost your iPhone's battery by 25 hours is hardly elegant: in fact it is designed exactly like the existing silicone case, but with a bulging rectangle shoved into the back, pushed outwards like the pack of cigarettes underneath Snake's T-shirt in The Simpsons."

It'll probably still sell in the millions though, because this is Apple we're talking about.

Here's some of the general derision and figurative shaking of heads that took place.

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