Facebook Statuses Inserted Into Actual Real-Life Conversations Show How Annoying They Truly Are

There are certain Facebook status updates (read: pretty much all of them) that you'll see in your newsfeed and will instantly feel the bile rising within you. You know the ones, like when people cryptically post about what a bad day they're having without actually saying why.

Or people who take great satisfaction in proclaiming what a healthy and sporty life they live, detailing how long they spent in the gym to workout. Or how they're going to become a vegan, because we all care soooo much.

Anyway, if you think they're annoying online, or maybe better yet if you don't think they're annoying and you're the sort of person who might post such a status, you need to watch this video by Jason Horton.

Because transposing those statuses to real life conversations and situations will hopefully show you how ridiculously annoying you sound.

And if you wouldn't say that kind of nonsense in the real world DON'T POST IT ONLINE EITHER.

OK, I better stop before my blood pressure gets too high.

This is a follow up to Horton's previous Facebook IRL video from last year, which you can watch below.

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