Guy Buys Pink Floyd’s 'Meddle' On Vinyl, Discovers Surprising Message When He Gets It Home

We're always hearing that vinyl is making a comeback and with the amount of reissues of old albums, and new releases appearing on the format, there must be some truth to it. But while reissues are all good there's nothing like stumbling across a classic album while down at the local thrift shop.

Comedian Ian Boldsworth found once such discovery when he happened upon, and purchased, a used copy of Pink Floyd‘s Meddle on vinyl. The record is the group's sixth studio album and features their track "Echoes" which takes up the entirety of side 2 and runs around 23 minutes long.

For Boldsworth it's the only side of the album that was playable, because when he got the record home he found a surprise. After taking the vinyl out of its sleeve he discovered it had a message scratched vengefully onto side 1 which read: "You 2-timing bastard."

In that one sentence an entire story is told. Somebody has cheated on their partner, then had the audacity to ask for their records back, to which they received them but with a little addition. His favorite Pink Floyd record has had a message of retribution scratched into it.

It didn't bother Boldsworth though. As he says in the tweet below, the amusing nature of the message made up for not being able to listen to side 1.

It does makes you wonder though, whether there's some more Pink Floyd records floating about where this one was bought, one side completely unplayable. Meddle definitely got 'meddled' with.

The lesson here, if you break up with an ex never leave your records there. Plus, always check you secondhand vinyl before taking it home.

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