Man Hilariously Faceswaps With Old Statues In A Museum And The Results Are Totally Abominable

Faceswap Live is the gift that keeps on giving. If you like receiving the gift of endless nightmare fuel, that is. It's thrown up some truly abominable faceswaps in its relatively short time as an app.

Adults faceswapped with babies, human faces swapped with boobs, and now we have the horror that is a guy's face swapped with stone sculptures from ancient civilisations.

Imgur user JakeMarshall91 took a trip around The British Museum in London, UK and faceswapped himself with some of the exhibits.

The results are, well, disturbing truth be told but they're also hilarious too, and probably the best use of the app so far. Apart from the boob swap, that was another high water mark.

It also means that when our descendants look back and ask what those buildings full of antiques and antiquities were for we can say, well, they were used for storing artifacts from history and cultures past.

But we also used them to swap faces with statues because, dur-hur!

JakeMarshall91 also better watch out that he doesn't get cursed from doing this. Because this is one surefire way to get cursed.

01 - 9zuwT4T
02 - 63Z24ff
03 - pWmOEDr
04 - ZtMRUqO
05 - piu4B2k
06 - YZsXM0S
07 - H8Em2OI
08 - ky7ZUnl
09 - pw3wF0h
10 - m5E2WIv
11 - Za8tKpQ

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